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Nizami's poem "Isgendername" is now available to Turkish-speaking readers

In promoting the literary heritage of Nizami Ganjavi, Azerbaijan’s great poet and thinker, to the international community, it is crucially important to translate his works into different languages ​​and make them accessible to the widest readership.

And now, Nizami Ganjavi’s Isgendername has been translated into Turkish, for the first time in its entirety. The translation is by Professor Nimet Yıldırım, of Atatürk University, who was supported in his work by the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation.

GENCELI NIZAMÎ. ISKENDERNÂME. Şerefnâme-Ikbâlnâme. Prepared and translated by Prof. Dr. Nimet YILDIRIM. Published by the prestigious Dergâh Publications, Turkiye, in November 2022. The book also includes an analysis of Nizami’s life and work, with other related historical figures, and an explanatory glossary.

We believe that now this masterpiece has been translated into Turkish, it will help to strengthen even further the cultural and literary relations between the two fraternal countries.

In fact, the book has already been warmly welcomed by Turkish readers.

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