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International Network of Experts

The NGF International Network of Experts (hereinafter referred to as INE) was established by the NGF Director in accordance with Article 6.8 of the Charter. It is a collaborative platform that unites eminent local and international scientists, experts and specialists in the fields of culture and science on a voluntary basis in accordance with the goals and mission of the NGF, as defined in the Charter. 

As a collaborative platform of the NGF, the INE has a consultative function and all its members shall have equal rights. Admission to and dismissal from INE membership is administered by the NGF Director according to Article 6.8 of the Charter. The NGF Director may terminate membership of the INE with immediate effect. The INE must consist of at least 5 (five) members. The NGF organizes the INE’s scope of work. Moreover, INE`s activities are organized in line with the Regulation approved by the NGF Director on 25 may 2022.

Scope of Activities

• Consultancy on the selection of appropriate topics, concepts and programmes for projects implemented upon the initiative and with the support of the NGF;


• Supporting the establishment of contacts and cooperation with local and international organisations, government agencies, academia and individual experts specialised in appropriate fields;


• Implementing joint projects in various fields (exhibitions, academic conferences, training, lectures, publications etc.) jointly with the NGF;


• Adopting joint statements to communicate the results of joint projects with members of the INE to local and international communities;


• Supporting the establishment of contacts with the media in the countries that members represent to achieve coverage of joint projects in international media outlets. 

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