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Nizami Ganjavi Foundation Volunteers

Volunteering is a concept of unpaid public service undertaken by free will and free choice. 

The foundation of the country’s youth policy, the volunteer movement is gaining momentum. Public and private organizations have established special centers for volunteers, they are invited for training and are involved in forums, conferences and events that help promote our country in the international arena. Public policy support for volunteerism and young people’s active participation in various fields across the country indicate the importance of this movement.

President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on 30th December 2019 declaring 2020 to be the ‘Year of Volunteers’ in Azerbaijan. The purpose was to stimulate personal development among youth, enhance their sense of social responsibility, to effectively use the potential of the youth for the welfare of the people and the sustainable development within the country. That order was a vivid illustration of the importance attached to volunteer work. The Nizami Ganjavi Foundation (NGF) encourages the involvement of volunteers in the organization of important local and international events as well. 

Guided by moral values cherished by the great Azerbaijani thinker and poet Nizami in his works: kindness, support, friendship, mercy and humanity, among others, the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation notably prioritizes the engagement of volunteers in international and local activity. The foundation offers them support in acquiring new experiences, knowledge and skills in various fields and helps them organize their leisure time efficiently by creating conditions for personal development. It also contributes to developing a broader understanding, a sense of social responsibility and teamwork among young people.

What can you gain by becoming an NGFvolunteer?

• Establish and enhance a broad base of knowledge and your level of intellect;

• Participate in special training, lectures and seminars by the NGF for youth and volunteers;

• Take an active part and gain experience in the organization of local and international projects with the NGF’s professional team;

• Contribute to the promotion of Azerbaijani culture and science at an international level;

• Develop your teamwork and communication skills; 

• Organize your leisure time efficiently;

• Take the opportunity to meet the eminent public, political and scientific figures and international experts;

• Leave your comfort zone and discover new skills;

• Become part of a platform of committed volunteers based on moral values, mutual respect, trust and harmony.

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