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The primary purpose of the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation is to study and promote the poet’s heritage and the culture of Azerbaijan, both within the country and internationally. Our cooperation with young people is particularly important in the implementation of this mission. 

During our cooperation with young people, we engage them as key partners. This creates a stimulating environment to develop their professionalism, skills, worldview, initiative and innovation, which allow them to jointly create solutions. We can thus lay the foundations for larger-scale and more inclusive activities in response to social demand. 

A further purpose of the platform is to act as a bridge between local and foreign youth and to bring them together in accordance with modern-day requirements. 

We present the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation Youth Concept as a comprehensive promotion of the values of Nizami Ganjavi among youth, aiming to strengthen their role in shaping mutual understanding between cultures.


• To promote the values that arise from the philosophy of the eminent Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi and to pass on his legacy to future generations; these values include humanism, peace, justice, friendship, dialogue, multiculturalism, social equality, love, purposefulness, tolerance and respect between youth; 

• To contribute to the development of intellectual youth and the establishment of a just society by adapting the heritage to the cultural and social dimensions of modern times; 

• To establish network of local and international youth for these purposes.


Guided by Nizami Ganjavi's legacy, our mission is to promote universal values and create a favourable social environment for youth. 


Our vision is to create an international dialogue platform based on shared values shared by young people. The perfect, wise person concept stands at the youth platform's core. This concept includes the following principal components: 


• The values promoted by Nizami Ganjavi for youth;

• The role of youth in promoting these values.


Young people aged 18-35 can apply for membership by sending a CV or a Resumé with a photo, as well as a cover letter to

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