"Social media" Training at the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation <br>

From 28-29 June 2022 employees and volunteers of the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation (NGF) received training in “Social Media”. Organized by the NGF, with support from the Belə-belə Işlər (Such Works) project, the main purpose of the two-day training was to support the establishment of the Foundation’s media strategy, as well as to increase the knowledge and skills of its staff and volunteers in social media management.

The training was conducted by Sabina Melikova, head of the Belə-belə Işlər project, highlighting the application of different approaches to all sectors of social media; its trends, various practices and related topics. Comprehensive information was also given on methods applied by organizations for promotional purposes. Discussions were held on matters of particular interest to the participants.

Upon the training’s successful completion, Sabina Melikova was awarded a certificate by director Rafi Gurbanov for her contribution to the development of NGF media strategy.

– 30 / 06 /2022

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